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Top 5 African Women Changing the Digital World

A number of businesses and brand names making a difference in the ever changing world of technology, IT solutions, innovative new app development, and e-commerce in Africa. Excitingly, many of them have been created by an exciting new breed of women entrepreneurs on the African continent.

  1. Brenda Katwesigye

Brenda Katwesigye a Ugandan woman entrepreneur, founder of high impact company Wazi Vision.

Wazi vision provides more affordable and accessible eye care to school going children aged 6-15, through a mobile application that uses virtual reality technology to perform virtual acuity tests.

She is on a mission to ensure that everyone who needs eye testing and glasses, no matter where they are located in the country, can get access to these life changing services.

2.  Vere Shaba

Vere shaba a south African born, founder of the Shaba & Ramplin Green building solution.

Shaba & Ramplin, is an engineering consulting firm specialising in green building certifications, engineering solutions, energy solutions and strategic partnerships across the African continent. It maximizes sustainability through minimizing the environmental effect of construction on the natural environment through engineering solutions.

3. Temie Giwa Tubosun

Temie Giwa Tubosun, founder and CEO of  LifeBank  help deploy mobile and web technology, smart logistics, and Artificial Intelligence to build an end to end marketplace and cold chain logistics. With a mission to save 1 million lives in 10 years.

LifeBank helps anyone in Nigeria who needs blood delivered fast to any hospital in the Nation either for scheduled procedures of emergency transfusions.

4. Faraja Nyalandu

Faraja Nyalandu, founder of  Shule Direct   in Tanzania.

Shule Direct  creates an innovative approach to secondary education in Tanzania by creating high quality digital learning content specifically designed around the Tanzanian National Curriculum, and building an adaptable platform to make this content available on a range of devices from the most basic mobiles to full-featured desktop learning portals.

Students are able to access the Shule Direct course notes, quizzes and interactive syllabus via whatever means are most accessible to them either through a mobile phone, an internet cafe, or an educational device at their school.

 5. Sazia Sousa

Sazia Sousa, founder of  TechnoPlus in Mozambique. Technoplus is a Mozambican Company working in Solutions in Information Technologies, since 2010. The business originally started with a focus on IT maintenance but has since expanded to split into three specialist service areas:

  • Infrastructure and Hardware which provides Technical support, design, planning, assembly and management of the computer network, preventive and corrective maintenance, targeted training.
  • Web solutions which provides Domains, Domain and email management, Web Hosting Creating Custom Web Pages and Apps.
  • Sales which maintain the line of good quality in the products and services provided.

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