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Terror Threats: Ghanaians Demand Explanation From Security forces On persistent Kidnappings


Despite the warning of terror and kidnappings in Ghana, Ghana Police Service has been condemned for ‘leaving Ghanaians in the dark’.

Festus Aboagye, who is a retired Colonel in Ghana expressed disappointment at the posture of the security forces that suggests “they don’t owe us any explanation as a society”, and he called the posture, “a culture of silence”.

Kidnappings have increased in the southern part of Ghana at its foremost northern border with Burkina Faso.

The former soldier who is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations-Ghana wishes to see the security forces briefing Ghanaians frequently on these emerging security threats.

He said the security forces have to give information on the two armed Burkinabes arrested within a week. One of them was picked up in a church

There is more the security forces can do to curtail the crime, he opined. 

Furthermore, Security forces revealed that the kidnapping of three Ghanaian girls, four foreigners in three separate incidents, is a crime unusual in Ghana.

Security forces have pointed fingers at foreigners as being responsible for the crime but the colonel indicated that he is unimpressed with the Security forces effort to sensitize Ghanaians.

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