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Russian Aeroflot Jet Crash Landing

On sunday Russia Aeroflot Jet was strucked by lighting at a Moscow airport moments before it crashed. Passengers and crew was forced to make an emergency landing.

The strike came as survivors told how they escaped the Aeroflot jet which burst into flames on landing at Sheremetyevo airport. Forty-one of the 78 people on board were killed in the accident and Investigators checking the cause of the crash have made no official comment on the claims it was strike by lightning

Russia’s national carrier has said that the plane returned to the airport for “technical reasons”. However Modern aircraft are built to withstand lightning strikes

Passenger Dmitry Khlebushkin said: “I’m alive only thanks to the stewardesses. The girls stood there in the smoke, it was dark, extremely hot, but they pulled people out and helped them get down the chutes”

Stewardess Tatyana Kasatkina said people were leaving their seats and heading for the exits while the plane was still travelling, She said passengers were screaming and phoning relatives as the plane burned.

“It all happened really fast, in a matter of seconds… I was pushing passengers out. I grabbed each one by the collar, so that they wouldn’t delay the evacuation.”Passengers were evacuated within 55 seconds of the plane coming to a standstill

The aircraft Alighted with full fuel tanks because the crew lost connection with air traffic controllers and decided it was too treacherous to dump fuel over Moscow.

Mr Chibis said that the families of the victims will each receive one million rubles ($15,300; £11,630), while those being treated in hospital will be given 500,000 rubles ($7,650; £5,815)

Meanwhile there are 37 survivors ,33 passengers and 4 crew members

Russia’s emergency ministry said there were no plans to ground its Superjet-100 aircraft.

Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed condolences to the families of victims.

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