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Nigeria : June 12, A well deserved democracy day


Recently, the Government of Nigeria moved its Democracy Day from May 19 to June 12. There have been mixed reactions following this move as some citizens think it was politically motivated towards the February 2019 general elections thus eroding its significance as a genuinely driven action while others said the action would divide Nigeria more than uniting it.

Whatever the argument around the pronouncement, it is one issue that will shape the democratic future of Nigeria, depending on how they are able to contain its significance to their political future irrespective of their ethnic, religious and socio-political affiliations and interests.

All over the world, nations have political histories. American democracy which is the model of democracy for Nigeria has a long history of what has become the global model of democratic system today. The American political history was a stormy one; however, Americans allowed the good and ugly aspects of their civic history to form their political norms, ethics and characters which later ushered in a constitutional framework upon which its democratic values stand.

It was argued as to why the highest honour in Nigeria would be given to the dead, or why a long forgone issue should be resuscitated. It was also further argued that the June 12 transition was never about the late Nigerian democratic patriot, MKO Abiola nor the Yoruba race but rather about the nation’s struggle to depart from military rule, having been tired of military governance system that was totally dictatorial and had no respect for human rights, freedom and values. 

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