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Macron Warns Against Rejection of Brexit Agreement

French President Emmanuel Macron warned on Thursday March 21 that if British MPs reject the Brexit withdrawal agreement once again next week, their country will exit the European Union without a deal.

“In the case of a negative British vote, then we’d be heading to a no deal. We all know it. And it’s essential to be clear in these days and moments,” Mr Macron said, arriving at the EU summit in Brussels.

British Prime Minister Theresa May came to the summit to ask for Brexit, due on March 29 next week, to be pushed back for three months to allow her Parliament to ensure an orderly transition.

Mr Macron, echoing other EU leaders, said that a short “technical extension” would be possible, but only if British lawmakers who have twice rejected a withdrawal agreement vote next week to back it.

“We do respect the vote of the British people. We do respect what the Prime Minister and Parliament are making,” Mr Macron told reporters, repeating himself in English.

“In case of no vote, or no, directly it will guide everybody to a no deal for sure,” he said.

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