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Ethiopia : Shooting Incident Involving Police At Statistics Agency

An altercation between Ethiopian federal police officers has led to a shooting incident at the premises of the Central Statistics Agency

According to reports, officers guarding tablets were expected to be deployed for census. The condition of the shot officer and the status of the other who discharged the firearm are yet to be disclosed.

Ethiopia’s parliament in June this year postponed a national census for a second time, citing security concerns. Analysts, however, stressed that the move potentially undermined logistics for 2020 polls – the first election under Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

Ethiopia is due to hold a national vote sometime next year, and the census, already postponed once from 2017 is a crucial step towards demarcating constituencies but parliamentarians in both houses voted overwhelmingly to delay the census again by a year, due to an upsurge in ethnic conflicts.

Local level elections for the capital Addis Ababa and another chartered city Dire Dawa were postponed last week.

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