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Cyclone Fani Hits India

The eastern state in India called Orissa, also known as Odisha, experienced heavy rain pour recently with severe storms in the region. As a result, Cyclone Fani, clams in the country, made landfall at 08:00 local time (02:30 GMT) on Friday.

The tourist town of Puri and neighboring areas are experiencing wind with a speed of 175km/h, which is likely to be 200 km/h.

Over one million people have been evacuated from the eastern state of Orissa for shelter, while neighboring states are on alert.

Officials say three people have been killed in the state.

Flooding has also been reported in several areas, and forecasters say a storm surge of 1.5m (5ft) could threaten low-lying homes.

The cyclone made landfall in the tourist town of Puri, which is home to the 858-year-old Jagannath temple.

It is expected to hit 15 districts in Orissa, one of India’s poorest states, before declining on Saturday.

Flights and train services in and out of the state have been cancelled while schools and government offices are shut.

However, the State and Federal government have provided with naval warships and helicopters on standby with medical teams and aid material to help victims.

The country’s National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) also has their teams on standby.

This Cyclone Fani will be the fourth storm to hit India’s east coast in the last three decades.

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