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Africa Real Estate Conference and Awards (AFRECA ’19)

Africa Real Estate Conference

Africa Real Estate Association has slated their annual conference and awards for 28th of August, 2019 at Landmark Center, Victoria Island, Lagos.

AFRICA REAL ESTATE CONFERENCE AND AWARDS (AFRECA ’19) with the headline INSTITUTIONAL FRAMEWORK- Creating sustainable laws and policies and how they affect the growth of Real Estate Sector in Africa.

There is a growing real estate/housing menace in Africa, particularly Nigeria with a housing deficit of over 17 million. Key stakeholders, investors, government and the general public need to come together and partner to see the end of this growing menace.

Housing is a basic necessity that would increase the quality of life of people. Africa is perceived as the poverty continent of the world  and thus, all parties involved should come together and see an end to this deficit.

The Deputy President (REDAN), Akintoye Adeoye, a seasoned lawyer and real estate developer and expert would be speaking on practical approach to ending this menace and the sustainable laws and policies that can be enacted to foster the growth of real estate in Africa.

Interested persons are advised to register for free at

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