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4 Talented Brothers Build a Car

Four young brothers have managed to build a car despite all being unemployed and living in poverty.

The brothers hail from Ekurhuleni; two matriculated but lack funds to further their studies – They aim to sell the car to pay for tertiary studies for one of them. Thirty-year-old Dumisani, 25-year-old Nelson, 21-year-old Khulekani and 18-year-old Sandiso Mokoena are four brothers on a mission to overcome poverty.

The four young men from Katlehong in Ekurhuleni, South Africa, are all unemployed but miraculously managed to build a car. The small motor vehicle is ideal for short trips through the township.

One Nelson Mokoena shared picture of the handmade car on Facebook and it has gone viral ever since.

Eldest brother, Dumisani, was fed up with their current situation; he suggested the idea to his brothers.The building of the car took equal share among the brothers; Sandiso focused on the balancing and dimensions, Khulekani was responsible for the design, while Nelson did the interior

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