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10 African Innovators 2019

Almost every single day there’s an innovator/innovation or an inventor/invention coming out of Africa. Within the many African creators/creations in existence, there are some worth highlighting and shedding light on. The following are 10 of them that have been making waves at different levels and country of residence in 2019.

Cocoa360 is a community-based initiative in Ghana that uses proceeds from cocoa farms to run health clinic and tuition free schools for girls. This social enterprise was founded by Shadrack Frimpongof Ghana. His organization is helping farmers, families, and females to live a prosperous, healthy and literate life in Africa respectively.

Youth Entrepreneurial Link Investments (YELI) is eco-friendly & high-quality paper bag and envelope manufacturer of 35 different shapes & sizes. This paper manufacturer was founded by Andrew Mupuya of Uganda. His manufacturing of bags and envelopes is helping stores, restaurants, hospitals, & multinational companies to serve their customers and clientele, which was the first of its kind in Uganda.

Mitimeth makes handcrafts (baskets, vases, dining-ware, etc.) from water hyacinth (aquatic plant). This social enterprise was founded by Achenyo Idachaba-Obaro of Nigeria. Her enterprise is helping to turn aquatic plants into everyday handcraft products in Africa, which is evaluated as a trillion-dollar opportunity.

Wazi Recycling Industries is a business that turns plastic waste into affordable construction materials (interlocking blocks, paving tiles, foundation blocks & slabs) to build low cost homes. This housing material manufacturer was co-founded by Brenda Katwesigye of Ugandan. Her affordable home products are helping Africans to build and live in decent houses.

ZACube is a nano-satellite that monitors the traffic of vessels along the coastline and soon detect fire incidents & help emergency services to respond quicker to intense fire situations. This satellite was built in South Africa by a group of South African engineers. Their engineering will help to keep Africa a safer place to live.

Safe Motherhood Alliance develops simple & affordable baby delivery kits for African mothers. This social enterprise was founded by Muzalema Mwanza of Zambia. Her baby product package helps mothers in Africa to give birth in a healthy way and has recently won Pitch@Palace Africa 2019.

TymeBank is South Africa’s first fully digital-driven bank based on “simplicity, transparency, & affordability.” This online bank was established in South Africa and founded by South Africans. Their bank will help make financial services more convenient for Africans.

Dr. Dele Sanniinvented 3d-3p industrial and agricultural dryer that extracts moisture from materials, such as grains or sawdust. This dryer invention was done by a Nigerian professor & engineer. His innovation will tremendously help agriculture and farming in Africa.

Nala is a mobile money payment platform that can operate offline in areas with poor internet and Wi-Fi connectivity. This fintech application was co-founded by Benjamin Fernandes of Tanzania. His digital platform is helping to create a hassle-free way for Africans to send and receive money in Africa.

Rainmaker has built a digital platform to help travel & tourism businesses in Africa to gain & maintain an online presence, specifically for those who don’t use software or technology to run their business. This online application was founded by multiple co-founders in Namibia. Their website is helping travel & tour companies in Africa to effectively and efficiently manage and operate daily affairs.

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